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The Darwin Military Museum

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During World War II Darwin was the scene of many enemy bombings and formed a vital part of the homeland defence strategy for the rest of the country. A visit to the Darwin Military Museum is a chance to discover all about the role that the city played in defending Australia against enemy attacks. Darwin was bombed 64 times over two years during the war in the Pacific, the reason being that it was a strategic refuelling point for Australian forces and it was from there that General Macarthur launched his campaign to reclaim the Philippines.


The museum itself is set upon the site of historic events in WWII as it was the site of the original command post and was attacked by the Japanese. A sojourn through the museum is a chance to glimpse some of Australia’s juiciest modern history through artefacts, photos and video footage of some of the bombings. You can see some of the original aircraft guns, bunkers, observation tower and gun mounts that saw the only armed conflict on the Australian mainland in WWII. For the history buff, or the curious visitor, the Darwin Military Museum is a fascinating step back in time to one of our most tumultuous times as a nation and presents the attacks from the perspective of both army and civilians. The museum is located out at East Point on Alec Fong Lim Drive and it is open every day to the public from 9:30am to 5:00pm.


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