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Holmes Jungle Nature Park

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The Holmes Jungle Nature Park is one of the last remaining monsoon forest reserves in the Darwin area. It is now protected and has been a popular place for picnics and hiking since Darwin was first established. The park is set out over 250 hectares and has a number of walking trails, picnic spots with water and bathroom facilities provided. You can visit the park and walk the trails by yourself if you wish, but there are also ranger led walks that give you the chance to tread the trails accompanied by an expert in the flora and fauna of the area - the walks are held throughout the dry season. In addition to walking paths, there are also several biking and horse riding paths throughout the nature park to provide a different perspective to the park.


At the main picnic area in the park, there is a lookout that provides a stunning panorama of the park taking in the monsoon forest, mountain ridges, Palm Creek and the woodlands savannah to the north. From the lower picnic area, you can easily access Palm Creek – the Jungle Walk, which takes in Palm Creek and the monsoon forest is one of the most popular trails in the park. Throughout the park there is abundant birdlife – keep your eye out for the red-backed fairy wren, rainbow pittas, pied imperial pigeons and spangled drongoes that call the park home. You can access the park by turning offer Vanderlin Drive and heading towards the Shoal Bay Recycling Centre.


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