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Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

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The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory (MAGNT) is located on Darwin Harbour at Bullocky Point and boasts the largest museum collection in the territory.
A visit to the museum is an excellent way to come to grips with the fascinating history of the region that extends billions of years back past the Dreamtime and also takes in more recent events and circumstances such as Cyclone Tracy and the multicultural aspects of Darwin and the rest of the top end. Cyclone Tracy flattened the city of Darwin when it swept through on Christmas Day more three decades ago and there is a permanent display at the museum where you can get a feel for the devastation that it left in its wake.


Some of the other permanent displays at the museum pay homage to the Southeast Asian contribution to the Northern Territory as well as significant Northern Territory aboriginal culture and art. Fascinating archaeological artefacts are on display stretching back into the distant past and including more recent maritime history too. Natural history plays a big role in the museum’s focus with 1.2 million natural history specimens that have been collected through extensive field work as well as donations to the museum. In addition the museum has more than 30 000 artefacts of art and material culture, all of which tell a story about the top end and its rich culture and history. The museum is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and on the weekends and public holidays between 10am and 5pm.


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