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The Oil Storage Tunnels, Darwin

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One of Darwin’s most fascinating historical sites is the Oil Storage Tunnels. These World War II storage tunnels were built to store and protect the oil supplies of the Australian Defence Force and played an integral role in the War in the Pacific and the defence of the Australian mainland from enemy attack. Although eight tunnels were planned for construction, five were built and today you can visit two of them. When you visit the tunnels you are taken through the tunnels by a highly knowledgeable and experienced guide as they explain all about the role that Darwin played in WWII, the storage tunnels and the many different bombings that Darwin endured at the hands of the Japanese air force.


As you are taken through the tunnels, there are many different photographs and artefacts along the way that bring the experience to life. The Oil Storage Tunnels are one of the most interesting and informative ways that you can come to grips with the important role that Darwin played in WWII from the Australian perspective. This is the kind of attraction that is just as fascinating for the kids as it is for the adults – so to make history come to life for the whole family, make sure you do not miss the chance to visit. The tunnels are located under the cliffs of Darwin and are a short walk from the Esplanade going past Survivor’s Lookout down to tunnels 5 and 6 at the lower end of Kitchener Drive.


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