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One of the most stylish ways to arrive in Darwin is by train, sweeping into the tropics from the Australian red centre. The Ghan is the railway that connects Darwin at the top of Australia to Adelaide in the south and it is considered to be one of the world’s top train journeys. The train journey takes two nights and three days end to end, connecting with Alice Springs smack bang in the middle of the country. The unusual sounding name of the train line honours the Afghan camel riders who once serviced the route delivering mail and goods into the townships of the desert. The journey spans 2979 kilometres click, clicking along the rail gauges through some of Australia’s most dramatic landscapes taking in barren desert, the Katherine Gorge, rolling plains and tropical lush forest, then arriving at the Darwin Train Station just 10 kilometres from the CBD.


The Ghan chugs into Darwin twice a week and departs from Adelaide on a Sunday and Wednesday arriving in Darwin on Tuesday and Friday respectively. If you plan to travel from north to south, the train departs from Darwin Train Station on Wednesday and Saturday all throughout the year arriving in Adelaide on Friday and Monday respectively. This is currently the only train connection to Darwin after the line was extended to the city on 2004, but for those looking for a stunning and unique way to travel the country a train journey on The Ghan will most certainly live up to your expectations.


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