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Aquascene Fish Feeding
Fish Feeding takes place at Aquascene, which is in Doctor's Gully, below the Y.M.C.A. The fish are wild and come in to be fed only at particular times, which depend upon the tides, so enquiry needs to be made in advance.

From the foot of Doctor's Gully, you can follow a path (not the road; the path is to the left of the road) up through lush tropical vegetation, which must be almost unchanged from the time when the first settlers appeared here and dug Peel's Well, of which you will see remnants on your ascent. At the top you will find yourself at the back of the Y.M.C.A., from where the road runs down to the Gully. 28 Doctors Gully Road. (08 8981 7837)

Cullen Bay Marina
A relaxing marine close to the city centre with good views of the sunsets over Darwin Harbour.

Indo-Pacific Marine
The Indo-Pacific Marine is near Stokes Hill and displays living coral reefs. Open daily from 10-4.(08 8981 1294).


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