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Darwin has a number of hostels and cheaper places to stay. Please use our booking box below to find and book. There are no booking fees and bookings are made through Hostel Bookers. Select Darwin from the drop down list, pick your dates and start your searching.

Darwin is defined by its history, Indigenous cultures, pioneering spirit, multiculturalism and natural beauty. It is probably one of the most diverse cities you will ever visit and the many peoples of Darwin bring with them a melting pot of experiences and practices that over time all become part of what is, a distinctly ‘Darwin' experience.

Located on the Timor Sea, in the Northern Territory , Darwin is almost as much a part of Asia as Australia . But this city is also rich with Australian history and an interesting mix of tropical architecture and European, Asian and Indigenous influences. Its climate is tropical and here there are only two seasons; wet and dry.

Darwin 's proximity to Asia makes it extremely popular with tourists and backpackers. For some it's the last stop before they head home and for others it's the very first taste of Australia they will get. All of them enjoy attractions such as the amazing Kakadu National Park , nearby Katherine and its stunning Gorge, the Darwin Museum , shopping for artwork and not to forget, the party atmosphere.

During the dry season don't miss the iconic Mindil Beach markets, held each Thursday evening from April to October. Locals converge alongside the beach before sunset with their card tables, chairs and eskys to meet friends and share a drink and a bite from one of the many stallholders, while tourists enjoy meandering through the markets. If you are backpacking you can hire chairs, tables and even an esky so you can join the locals by the beach.

Head to the beach before sunset and join the regulars and newcomers who gather to watch the sun set. If there is one memory you must take from Darwin , the spectacle of the sun seeming to drop into the sea, is it. It is so special there is a spontaneous round of applause when it finally disappears.

Darwin is the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory, it attracts a lot of backpackers who often use it as a base for exploring the Kakadu National Park. For backpackers on a tight budget Hostels provide the cheapest accommodations, rarely exceeding thirty dollars a night, although on average priced at about twenty three dollars a night. Hostels are intended to keep travelling expenses to a minimum, and that they do. But don’t be fooled by the cheap price, the price is maintained as a result of the defining communal, shared room and bored aspect, and the lesser amount of staff on board compared to that of hotels, ie. No room service.

Today’s hostels however no longer provide just a shared dormitory with a bathroom, they have surpassed even boutique hotels with regards to the amount of amenities that are included in the package in response to increased competition in what has become a highly competitive, but lucrative industry. Hostels are mostly self-operated, although there is usually a tenant who works as a care keeper in exchange for year round accommodation. Hostels have made a number of improvements in recent years, a lot of hostel perks that were previously almost non-existent, or only existing in more expensive hostels have now become the standard in hostels.

Although not always aesthetically pleasing, hostels provide a great atmosphere for backpackers for a price that’s hard to overlook, they are almost always operated by guests, whom are made up of predominantly youth, this means you will have to negotiate with whoever you are staying with at that particular time on how to organize and maintain the hostel environment. Hostels are not known to be catered towards the early to bed early to rise type of crowd, these are party atmospheres, make no mistake about it, if you intend to sleep bring some ear plugs, or don’t expect to sleep.

The ideal location for Darwin backpackers is in the Darwin city area. This is Darwin’s central down town area, close to clubs, bars, restaurants, the civic square and bus terminal. Naturally the two best hostels in Darwin are also located in this location, one of these are the Dingo’s Moon Lodge. The Dingo’s Moon Lodge is almost hands down the best hostel in Darwin, for anyone, surrounded by shops, bars, clubs, and other popular venues in Darwin city, it offers excellent value, including air conditioning, internet access, a BBQ area and even comes with a free breakfast. Coming in at a close second, and almost undisputedly the most conveniently located hostel in all of Darwin is the Chilli’s backpacker’s hostel, literally located right next door to the transit centre, the same area as Dingo Moon’s hostel, just closer to transportation amenities. A hostel simply put could not be in a better location. Chilli’s backpackers is complete with a Balcony, air-conditioned rooms, a TV room, your own personal locker to store valuables, a large kitchen, and even a spa and sundeck. If you’re a backpacker in Darwin, you simply can’t go wrong with either of these hostels, both are priced competitively, both targeted towards backpackers on a budget, and both include an impressive amount of amenities that would be hard to justify including without upping the price. When planning your trip in Darwin, just close your eyes and flip a coin, either of these hostels will make your trip a pleasant and memorable one.


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