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As Darwin is one of the smallest Australian cities and not the tourist and banking powerhouse like Sydney or Brisbane is, but Darwin holds its own. Darwin still gets thousands of tourists per year. Darwin has more of the lesser Australian banks than it has the big Aussie banks, there is no St George bank in Darwin, and has only one Commonwealth bank and one Westpac.

It is ANZ and the National Australia Bank that mainly operate in Darwin both own six branches each spread from the very east to right on the very west part of the coast. Commonwealth and Westpac branches are at:-
• Westpac Location - 24 Smith Street Tel: +61 13 20 32
• Commonwealth Location - 3 Bradshaw Terrace Tel: +61 13 22 22

All these banks have separate ATMs that will take nearly all international cards such as Cirrus, Plus or STAR international ATM mark or the Interlink or Maestro POS mark.

The banks in Darwin can exchange your travellers cheques for you as will exchange shops at Darwin international airport as Darwin's banks will charge you a fee for the pleasure of cashing your travellers cheques, the exchange shops at the airport won't and will save you money, they also sell phone cards.

The airports foreign exchange shops are located in both Arrivals and Departure areas. There is only one major exchange facility in the city which is American express but all hotels and smaller exchange shops and banks will exchange foreign currency for you, your passport will be needed to cash travellers cheques. The American Express foreign exchange bureau is at :
American Express
24 Smith Street
Tel: +61 1300 139 060


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