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Christ Church Cathedral
All that's left of this original 1902 cathedral is the porch, the rest was demolished by cyclone Tracy, a modern cathedral has been attached. Smith Street.

Government House
Formerly known as The Residency and is still sometimes called by that name, Government House is an attractive old colonial style. Building begun in 1870 and completed in its present form in 1879. It was damaged by cyclones in 1897, 1937 and 1974, as well as by wartime bombs, but has survived all.

Lyons Cottage
This stone bungalow built in 1925 once housed the staff of the British Australian Telegraph Company and demonstrates a colonial style of architecture mostly found in India, Malaya and Singapore. After the Second World War, it was used by the Mayor of Darwin, John Lyons, and became known as Lyons Cottage. Early exhibitions of Darwin's history are located here now and old photographs.Corner of Esplanade and Knuckey Street.

Myilly Point Precinct
Located here are four pre-war houses which are the headquarters of the National Trust. This, the Myilly Point Precinct, was originally housing for high-ranking government employees.

Old Courthouse and Police Station
The Old Courthouse and Police Station were built for the South Australian Government in 1884. They suffered greatly from Cyclone Tracy, but have been restored, and are now used as the offices of the Northern Territory Administrator.

Old Town Hall
In a small park opposite the bus station are the ruins of the Old Town Hall. It was built in 1883 and survived until Cyclone Tracy in 1974. Now it has been left as a ruinous reminder of the forces of nature. Who could image that a sturdy stone building could be almost totally destroyed by the winds of a single night? The Territory is indeed a place where one learns to respect nature.

Oil Storage Tunnels
After the Japanese had bombed the oil tanks on the hills in Darwin several times during the Second World War, it was decided that it might be a good idea to put the tanks underground where they would be less vulnerable. Therefore tunnels were constructed and underground storage areas built. This was all done by hand and the underground storage areas were ready just as the war finished, and so were never used. Recently one of these tunnels has been opened to the public. It contains a collection of photographs depicting Darwin during the war years. Kitchener Drive (08 8985 6333).

Overland Telegraph Line
A memorial to the Overland Telegraph Line is situated on the Esplanade, not far from Parliament House. This is the point at which the undersea telegraph cable from Banjawangi in Java to Darwin was brought ashore in 1872, enabling the first telegraph messages to be exchanged between Australia and Britain.
Parliament House
At the southern end of the city is the Northern Territory Parliament House. This modern building, completed in 1994, is most imposing, especially considering that there are only 25 elected representatives meeting here. Parliament House also houses the State Library. Smith Street (08 8946 1425).

Old Admiralty House
This pre war house has survived all Darwin can throw at it, from cyclones to bombings. Old Admiralty House was built as the residence of the North Australian Naval Commander and is a fine tropical style elevated building, it's sturdy core survived Cyclone Tracy. It is not open to the public. Corner of Knuckey Street and the Esplanade




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