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Darwin attractions

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Darwin Buses
Darwinbus operates a network of local services. The main business and shopping centres of Darwin, Casuarina and Palmerston are best served, but there are also local services to all suburbs. The city terminal is in Harry Chan Avenue near the Bennet Street end of Smith Street Mall. For information call 08 8924 7666 or pick up a timetable at the City Terminal.

A popular option is the Darwinbus tour card. The card allows inclusive travel and is purchased in day units. Insert the Tourcard face down when entering the bus.

Darwin transport

Bus routes
Route 1: Departs Casuarina and a circular route with access to NT University, Casuarina Beach and Darwin Hospital. Travelling time 30 minutes

Route 4: Departs from Darwin to Casuarina Interchange. This route provides access to most of the inner city attractions. Travelling time 40 minutes.

Route 5: Darwin to Casuarina via the industrial areas taking 30 minutes.

Route 8: The direct route from Darwin to Palmerston taking 35 minutes.

Route 9: From Casuarina Interchange to Palmerston Interchange passing Leanyer Recreational Park, Holmes Jungle Nature Park and Crocodylus Park and takes 40 minutes.

Route 10: The direct route from Darwin to Casuarina and takes 30 minutes.


Darwin Taxis
In the city taxi ranks are located at Knuckey and Mitchell streets. To phone for a taxi call 131 008.




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