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Nhulunbuy is just over an hour by plane from Darwin. A chance to see remote Australia relatively easily from Darwin.


Nhulunbuy is the aboriginal name for this location, and Gove is the European name. Recent practice has been to try to return to aboriginal names. Arnhem Land is an Aboriginal Reserve, but the Nhulunbuy enclave is leased for the mining of bauxite. That means that one can visit Nhulunbuy without any special permit, but that to travel there by any means other than air, one does require a permit in order to transit the Arnhem Land Reserve. In any case, the road is passable only for a few months towards the end of the dry season, and even then only with tenacity and a four-wheel-drive vehicle.


The great point about a visit to Nhulunbuy is that it is an untouristed destination, at least for the moment. Here you can, if you wish, meet the aboriginal people who have lived here for 40,000 or 50,000 years. However, if you take this option, you will require a permit. Alternatively you can sit on a deserted beach in a spot to which very few visitors are likely to venture.


Nhulunbuy also offers some of the world's best fishing, for those who are interested in that activity. Snorkelling is possible too. Then there are free tours of the mine available on Fridays only.


The town of Nhulunbuy is a modern one, quite out of character with the remote nature of this location, but it means that one can have the best of both worlds modern conveniences in an unspoilt landscape. The mine itself is fifteen kilometres away from the town, almost unnoticed at such a distance.



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