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Life during Summer in Darwin is very unpredictable with tropical thunderstorms and high humidity, but winter is the exact opposite.

Once the Dry has set in it will not rain for weeks, perhaps a couple of months.
The winter weather in Darwin usually starts around June, and runs through to late September.

It is the most popular time of the year to visit with humidity at its lowest and nights relatively cool.

The humidity drops to as low as 30 per cent and it has been known drop to as low as 14C at night.

But July and August are mild by NT standards, with average temperatures from a minimum of 19C to 32C max.

The months preceding the Wet are traditionally humid, with the ‘smell’ of rain in the air.
The hottest month of the year is November, as high as 38C, and it can be particularly uncomfortable when air conditioning is an absolute must.

Darwin has the most daily average sunshine hours (8.4) of any Australian capital city with the most sunshine from April to November. During the wet season, and with plenty of cloud cover, the rate drops to around six hours.

Climatically Darwin has more in common with Singapore than Sydney and the city is one of the most lightning-prone areas in the world.

In 2002, a single thunderstorm produced 1,634 lightning strikes in Darwin in just a few hours. To put it in context, Perth would experience a number of that magnitude in an entire year.


Below is the official Darwin weather forecast from the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology.



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