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Darwin Australia is at the ‘Top End’, as the northern half of the Northern Territory of Australia is known. Darwin is a place of sunshine, beaches and hectic nightlife. Darwin's weather is tropical, no summer or winter, instead Darwin's weather is wet from November until April and the weather in Darwin is dry from May until October which is the busy time for Darwin tourism.

Darwin is a base for the Kakadu and Litchfield national parks and best done with one of the many Darwin tours available, have a look at some of the tours we feature as they offer the best value and save a lot of time and hassle if you pre book. Exploring Darwin 's city centre is easy and best on foot and many Darwin attractions are easy to walk to or as part of a Darwin tour. Wander along walking and bicycle track around the city's outskirts with views of Darwin 's famous harbour.

Darwin comes alive at night with the excitement of the hotels and nightclubs with DJs and live music; enjoy a meal at Cullen Bay or visit the casino at Mindil Beach.

The Northern Territory is renowned for its fabulous foods – Asian cuisine, buffalo, kangaroo, mud crabs, crocodile and barramundi. Choose to eat on the wharf overlooking the sea, or enjoy the pleasure of outdoor dining with harbour views or maybe it is silver service for treat. Whatever the style of dining, the food is fresh and fabulous.

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For a relaxing weekend visit the open-air markets at Nightcliff and Mindil Beach where there are stalls of unique products form local arts and craftspeople. Try the authentic cuisine from all over Asia or a good Aussie barbecue. The markets are alive with street performances – musicians, performers, traditional Aboriginal culture, recitations of traditional Australian bush poetry, even try whip cracking lessons.

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There are a lot of cheap flights to Darwin with Jetstar using it as a base. Darwin being close to Asia makes booking flights to Darwin easy from many destinations.


Darwin car rental

darwin car rental

Have a look at our Darwin car rental where you can compare most of the major car rental companies, you don't pay anything until you take the car. Even better there are no hidden charges and you can cancel without charge.

Just south of Darwin lies Litchfield National Park, full of all the strange and wonderful attractions you expect from the Northern Territory outback. Be a little creeped out by the Magnetic and Cathedral termite mounds – reaching up to 4m in height, most of these fascinating formations can be viewed from a specially built viewing platform and boardwalk.

Take a picnic and relax by the Buley Rockhole, a series of waterfalls which have carved out the perfect swimming holes in the middle of the forest. Transport yourself back in time as you visit the Bamboo Creek Tin Mine, where relics from the mining period can still be seen. And all can be arranged on one of the many Darwin tours that operate on most days.

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Australia’s most famous railway journey, board the Ghan at Darwin to take a unique and unforgettable journey to the other side of this huge continent. Over the nearly 3000km journey from Darwin to Adelaide, watch the landscape change dramatically from the lush rainforests and tropical wildlife of the North to the aptly Red Centre of the Australian Outback. Catering for all budgets with Red Gold and Platinum Class fares, relax in comfort in the air-conditioned train with friendly staff on hand to assist at any time.

Darwin beaches

Spend a day or a week in this World Heritage listed area, and discover for yourself why this region has such spiritual significance for the Aboriginal people. Keep an eye out for salt water crocs lurking below the surface as you tour the billabongs and wetlands. Visit the interpretative centres to learn about the indigenous history before joining in a locally guided tour of the impressive and timeless rock paintings, or lock in your memories of the trip with an authentic piece of Aboriginal art by one of the talented artists in the region.

Heard all the stories about crocodiles but want to separate fact from fiction? Not sure what the difference is between a croc and an alligator? Let the friendly and knowledgeable team at Crocodylus Park answer all your questions about the largest reptiles in the world. With a collection of reptiles from around the globe, as well as an impressive collection of snakes, dingoes, birds and marsupials, all you wanted to know about Australian wildlife can be found in one spot.

Experience a slice of Darwin’s WWII history in the Oil Storage Tunnels at Darwin Wharf. Packed with historical information and photos of the era, these tunnels are a monument to the bombing of the city in 1942.

Darwin attracts visitors from the UK

Darwin, Australia get lots of tourist love from the UK. Get ready to meet more new friends to whom we can introduce the wonders of our city...


Darwin weather

Darwin weather has two distinct seasons - the Wet and the Dry. And Darwin's weather can be extremely hot during the summer months of December - February. Maximum temperatures in Darwin and the Northern Territory during the summer can exceed 40C. January and February is the heart of the Wet season when monsoonal hits the city and dumps heavy afternoon and overnight rain. The rain is often welcome after the Dry as it swells waterfalls and floods wetlands, turning the arid countryside very green with an abundance of wild flowers blooming everywhere. The average temperatures at this time of year range from 24.6C to 31.9C with humidity extremely high - as high as 70 per cent in December and January. Rainfall amounts are typically monsoonal with as much as 1000mm falling in March, although the average is actually just 360mm. In March the rains begin to subside. But Darwin in April usually brings strong winds that dry out the land. Temperatures drop to 24C with a high no more than 32C and living becomes more bearable.


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